Firemen's Picnic Parade

Many questions are coming in about the parade and where to go to participate, so here is what to do.

All parade participants can begin to line up on Locust st. at any time on Sunday June 24th. Please line up South of Shiloh st. and do not park your floats in the grade school parking lot, that is reserved for participants that the Red Bud Fire Department pays to be in our parade. We do not require entry fees or registration.
We ask that all participants use common sense on what they will be passing out or throwing from their floats as this is a family orientated event. Please do not consume alcohol while proceeding through the parade route.
Members of the Red Bud Fire Department will be patrolling the parade route on scooters or UTV's, if you have questions while waiting or during the parade they are the ones to ask and can help you.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their help and participation in the Firemens Picnic and Parade without your support it would not be possible.

Thank You!
Red Bud Fire Department